The Flock of The Good Shepherd

The Flock of The Good Shepherd was established in 2010 with the purpose of providing funding for needs that can enhance the environment of The Good Shepherd Hospice House and the time that our clients and families spend there.

Membership to The Flock can be purchased for a suggested amount of $25 a year for individuals and $50 a year for businesses, clubs and organizations.

This is the seventh year of existence for “The Flock”.  In the past, we have used this fund to purchase lift chairs for the client rooms, dishes for the hospice house kitchen, kitchenware, seasonal interior home decorative items, holiday trees and lighting, outdoor furniture, plantings and a snow blower  (just to name a few!).  And, of course, maintenance needs exist!  The fund paid to have the outdoor furniture powder coated or painted, as well as the replacement of an umbrella that broke off in a windstorm, new outdoor chair cushions, and to purchase seasonal flowering plants for the outdoor planters.

Additionally, The Good Shepherd Hospice House had some lovely art pieces donated from family members of clients, and The Flock fund paid to have them matted and framed to be hung in the hallways and rooms. Through this group, we provide treats for the monthly staff meetings, and we organize impromptu family meals, as well as holiday meals.

Last year our Flock memberships totaled $4,500.  We put part of it in a reserve account for a rainy day, and the rest was put to the very good uses listed above!  Please use the information below to become a member of “The Flock of the Good Shepherd”.  If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail Chris Nolte or call the Homecare & Hospice office at 537-0688.

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