Chris Nolte

I am Homecare & Hospice for our clients, and the work I do to ensure we'll always be here to care for them. 

I had only worked for Homecare & Hospice for nine months when I learned that I would be responsible for working alongside the Campaign Leadership Committee to conduct The Sheltering Embrace Campaign to build the first ever hospice house in Riley County. During the campaign, I spent a great deal of time talking to individuals and groups about the services we provide and the benefits of those services. Specifically, the benefits of hospice care and what a wonderful resource the hospice house would be for our community. 

After securing the support of more than 1,200 individuals, business and foundations, the doors to The Good Shepherd were opened in February of 2010. By the end of 2013, 290 families had been lovingly cared for at this outstanding facility, including my own.
Nolte Portrait
Last May, my beloved Grandfather was admitted to The Good Shepherd. On that morning, I arrived at the hospice house early and spent some time alone int he room that would be his. It was a bittersweet moment, although confident that he would get the best care and support possible, I knew that he had entered the final stage of his life and soon we would be saying goodbye to the pillar of our family. My Grandfather passed away in comfort and with dignity four weeks after arriving at the hospice house. Two months after his passing, my Grandmother was also admitted to The Good Shepherd and one morning a few weeks later, she followed her husband of 64 years and peacefully passed away. 

The memories of those final weeks spent with my grandparents are a treasured gift that I would always be grateful to Homecare & Hospice for giving me. To see through my own eyes what each of the families we have served at the hospice house have experienced has cemented my resolve that no family should ever be without the guidance and support of hospice at the end of life. I continue to work diligently on our annual fundraising events, memorial programs and community awareness to ensure that Homecare & Hospice will always be here for anyone who needs us.

I am Chris Nolte, Director of Development, and I am Homecare & Hospice.