Private Tasting Room

The Private Tasting Room, held on the First Floor at the Bluemont Hotel, is the newest event featured at The Flint Hills Festival of Wines.

Sponsored by Nespor's Wine & Spirits, the Private Tasting Room offers exceptional, highly-rated wines that are not featured at any other Festival event. The Private Tasting Room is also catered exclusively by della Voce and will feature some unique and delectable hors d' oeuvres.

The 2018 Private Tasting Room will also feature a cocktail crafting tutorial by Caleb Edwards of della Voce and select art displayed by Strecker-Nelson West. For any art purchased at the Private Tasting, 20% will be donated directly to Homecare & Hospice. 

Your purchase of a Private Tasting Room ticket gains you entrance to not only the Private Tasting Room but also the Grand Tasting Room event as well.

When you exit the Private Tasting Room you will be given your Grand Tasting Showbook and supplies and then directed to that event on the 5th Floor of the Bluemont.
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